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Competitive Advantage
Developing and maintaining applications for competitive advantage requires knowledge of your key business drivers. Each project we undertake, starts with this discovery and is driven down through the project. We deploy experienced professionals to review each application prior to development for technology opportunities that align to your key business drivers for competitive advantage.
Mobile Technologies -
Background: A large sales team required a platform to generate and gain approvals for complex quotes while in the field at customer locations.
Key Business Drivers: Sales needed to increase sales and profit margins through reduced sales cycles, improved product configuration, and compliant profitable terms and conditions.
Solution: InnSolutions developed a web based application used by team members utilizing HP Slate tablets that facilitated straight through quoting with email approvals based on pre-defined rules.
Results: Sales cycles reduced by 30%, order accuracy and compliant terms to 99%.
Cloud Computing -
Background: A software products firm required a re-platform of their core applications to facilitate their customers request for faster, lower cost deployments.
Key Business Drivers: Customer retention, customer acquisition, time to market.
Solution: Working in partnership, InnSolutions re-architected and developed the applications using our InnFrame rapid development methodology. We managed the full deployment of the applications and manage the cloud environment.
Results: Time to market reduced 125%, customer retention 100%.
Workflow engines -
Background: A large international non-profit organization was missing donation and grant opportunities due to constrained resources and lack of internal controls.
Key Business Drivers: Accurate and faster response times to donation and grant life cycle process.
Solution: InnSolutions integrated our proprietary workflow and business rules framework into the array of disparate systems in use to connect teams and resources.
Results: 60% increase in capacity with no additional head count.
Business Analytics -
Background: An internal HVAC manufacturer was struggling with product quality and delivery issues due to disparate systems.
Key Business Drivers: Customer satisfaction, service and manufacturing costs.
Solution: InnSolutions deployed an analytics platform, data mart, integrated with each systems for failure and forecasting reporting and analysis.
Results: Return on investment in 3 months.


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