Warranty Costs Go Down

  • Reduce overhead in the claims process, do more with less
  • Identify costly product failures
  • Recover supplier costs
  • Detect duplicate and fraudulent claims

Product Quality Improves

  • Receive early warning and monitor systematic product failures
  • Identify quality trends and KPI’s
  • Monitor supplier performance
  • Garner customer feedback
  • Track pre and post sales inspections

Customers Become Loyal

  • Simplifies how your customers or dealers initiate and follow their claims
  • Customers claims are processed and resolved faster
  • Collaborate with customers and dealers through entire after market process
  • Provide your customers with easy access to manuals and parts sales

Proof: What our customers have experienced

AssureX® will manage warranty operations of all sizes and complexity, including international requirements. We’ll get you up and running quickly to improve your after market business (we took a global industrial equipment manufacturer live in just 2 months!).

Here’s their experience…..

  • Claim processing time reduced from 7-10 days to a few hours.
  • Department costs decreased 18% within 3 months.
  • Consolidated supplier sourcing by 35%, improving quality while reducing costs.

Getting Results, Let’s Get You Started

  • AssureX® has been designed for you to start using and benefitting quickly without significant time and resource requirements.
  • Contact us today and take control of your warranty operation! We’ll direct you to a rapid go live and return on investment!

AssureX® is available via the cloud. Call us and quickly realize the benefits!