Technology Expertise

By applying our intellectual capital, experience, and talent, we forge innovative and practical solutions that meet your business objectives. Our clients want balanced solutions where strategy and technology are interwoven with their business objectives.

Our core competencies include:
Getting Started

Software Architecture Design

  • Software Architecture Analysis and Evaluation
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Consulting
  • Code Reviews / Optimizations
  • Testing methodologies and evaluation
  • Deployment Consulting

Technology Expertise (On Microsoft and Java platforms)

  • E-Commerce Tools
  • Internet / Intranet solutions
  • Handheld Programming
  • Distributed Computing
  • Mobile Computing (WAP / WML) - SOAP and Web Services

Technology Modeling

  • Proof of concept Prototyping
  • Statistical Data Analysis , OLAP and Data Mining
  • Process / Work Flow re-engineering
  • Evaluation of new tools / technologies
  • Technology Support